The 5 Best Catholic Schools In St Louis (2022)

Best Catholic Schools In St. Louis

The Catholic mission in St Louis has aided morals and academics in a variety of ways, including providing better education and instilling Christian virtues in children through their extensive quality schools. This is the topic of our post, in which we will discuss the best Catholic schools in St Louis.

Every parent wants the greatest education for their children. The importance of education in today’s America cannot be overstated, particularly for children in their formative years. Catholic schools are regarded for providing the best intellectual and educational opportunities to assist students improve not just their moral and religious lives, but also their discipline.

The only downside or complaint regarding these schools is the high cost of their school tuition, which most people cannot afford. However, if you truly want the highest educational values for your child, you will have to spend the money.

When it comes to institutions that provide the highest quality education, Catholic schools in St. Louis are at the top of the list. The schools mentioned above provide standard educational training as well as religious subjects.

5 Best Catholic Schools In St Louis

In St Louis, there are a number of Catholic schools, both day and boarding. There are various mixed Catholic schools in St Louis, some of which are for just boys and others for only girls.
The best Catholic schools in St Louis are listed below:

  • South City Catholic Academy
  • St. Cecilia School
  • Cor Jesu Academy
  • Christian Brothers College High School
  • Notre Dame High School

South City Catholic Academy

Best Catholic Schools In St Louis


South City Catholic Academy is a model for Catholic education in Saint Louis, offering families innovative spiritual development and academic opportunities. The South City Catholic Academy program is to inspire and develop students who will become good citizens of the United States of America. South City Catholic Academy provides exciting and age-appropriate learning options.

Within the classroom and beyond, learning is based on rigorous academic standards and adapted to meet the particular needs of children. Age-appropriate, authentic, and aligned assessment procedures are used in the classroom.Students at South City Catholic Academy attend a weekly all-school Mass. Throughout the semester, each grade attends a Grade Level Mass. Each school day begins with a collaborative Morning Prayer

St. Cecilia School

Best Catholic Schools In St Louis


St. Cecilia School offers a high-quality Catholic education that allows each child to grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially for the glory of God.
Students and staff at St. Cecilia School can be found honoring God through weekly mass, classroom prayer circles, regular confessions, and school-wide prayer. They organize student retreats and provide students the chance to lead spiritually.

The average class size at St. Cecilia School is 18, and 88 percent of pupils identify as Catholic. All students get tailored graduate support services throughout middle and high school.

Cor Jesu Academy

Best Catholic Schools In St Louis


Cor Jesu Academy is a private Catholic college preparatory school for young women in grades 9-12. Cor Jesu has cultivated a rich and dynamic Catholic tradition as well as an innovative and intellectually rigorous approach to education for young women since its founding in 1956. Cor Jesu has graduated more than 5,500 women.

You will be greeted by a statue of the Sacred Heart as you enter the school grounds. Throughout the school’s history, continual attempts to achieve greatness have resulted in expanded curriculum and co-curricular activities, as well as an increase in teacher and student numbers, as well as improved technology and facilities.

Christian Brothers College High School


Christian Brothers College High School, located in Town and Country, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, is a Lasallian Catholic college preparatory school for young men. The De La Salle Christian Brothers Midwest District owns and operates the facility, which is located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Louis.

Christian Brothers College High School has an enrollment of 848 students. The minority student population at the school is 23.5 percent, and the student-teacher ratio is 13:1. Every young man’s academic, spiritual, and moral development is a priority at this school.

Notre Dame High School


Notre Dame High School in SAINT LOUIS, MO, is a well regarded private, all-girls Catholic school. Notre Dame High School has been based in strong Catholic traditions for over 80 years, providing a college preparatory secondary education that equips young women to become confident, compassionate Christian leaders. Our educational approach provides pupils with a head start on collegiate success.

At Notre Dame, each young woman is assigned an advisor who provides one-on-one attention and help. Students take part in small group discussions, apply their knowledge and abilities in labs and studios, perform independent research, and collaborate on projects. The educational experience at Notre Dame High School is enhanced by technology, which includes 1:1 iPad integration.


When it comes to institutions that provide high-quality education, Catholic schools in St. Louis are at the top of the list. The schools discussed in the article provide standard educational training while also practicing religious disciplines.

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