Top 5 Best Film Schools In Illinois [2022]

Looking for the best Best film schools in Illinois but do not know where to start form? Don’t worry! Here, we have researched and created a list of the β€œBest film schools in Illinois” that will give you value for money.

Hollywood is the biggest movie industries in the world and has produced brilliant talents over the years in terms of writers, producers, actors and actresses, videographers and so on.

The likes of Johnny Depp, ScarlettJohansson, LeonardoDiCaprio, JenniferLawrence, AngelinaJolie, Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith and so many talents are all Hollywood products.

Hollywood presence has become an avenue for many Americans to gain their dream of working in the entertainment industry.

So, if you live in Illinois and you are dreaming of becoming a star on television you need to attend a good film school well equipped with material and human resources to bring out your creativity.

What’s A Film School?

Best Film Schools In Illinois

A film school is an educational institution that focuses on filmmaking subjects such as production, theory, digital media production, and screenwriting. Most film school curricula include film history classes as well as hands-on technical training

5 Best film schools in Illinois 2022

  1. Northwestern’s School of Communication

Northwestern’s School of Communication is one of the few schools that offers a comprehensive program in performing and media arts, including dramatic writing, film and television production, design for interactive and digital media, stage and screen acting, sound design and studies, theatre design and directing, theatre history, music theater, and dance.

Northwestern’s School of Communication’s mission is to advance the arts, sciences, and practices of human communication by any means possible, particularly education, scholarship, artistic work, policy analysis, and advocacy.

  1. University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago is a public research university in Chicago that was founded in 1858. UIC is one of the top fifty universities in the United States.

UIC offers a one-of-a-kind Moving Image Arts minor program that students can combine with any major they wish to pursue in the fields of film, media, and television. The LCSL School of Film, Television, and Media Theory and History also offers a hands-on approach to learning about film, television, and media theory and history.

If you aren’t quite prepared for a four-year degree program but would like to start learning about film, this might be the program for you.

  1. DePaul: School of Cinematic Arts

At DePaul, you can get a degree that is tailored to your career goals, from cinema to animation. You’ll not only learn from the best in the industry, but you’ll also get hands-on experience thanks to the large production facility and equipment. You can follow in the footsteps of alumni who have gone on to achieve great things after studying at DePaul, with BA and BFA programs in both animation and film and television.

  1. School of Art Institute Chicago

School of Art Institute Chicago seeks to develop young and vibrant minds capable of occupying helms of affairs in the entertainment industry and competing with other production crews around the world. This institution offers a training curriculum to help students develop their creativity and innovative thinking, which will include personal and group projects in production. In fact, many alumni have gone on to jobs in Hollywood and beyond, making it a highly attractive option for many.

  1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

It can be difficult to choose among the great Illinois film schools, but University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers excellent programs in Cinema and Television Arts. With majors in acting, communication, creative writing, film and television, and graduate options in Cinema and Television Directing, you’ll have plenty of options to pursue a successful career in the film industry.

How to Apply to Film School

  1. You must effectively express yourself. Communication is key. Students who can communicate clearly and compellingly are sought after by film schools. Learn the art of storytelling. Learn the technical aspects of language and grammar. You don’t have to be a screenwriting expert.
  2. Develop a well-rounded personality. You’ll need more than just raw talent. It’s easy to believe that your academic credentials have nothing to do with your creativity or aptitude for a career in filmmaking. And you may be partially correct. Nonetheless, grades are important. Your academic performance will be a factor in whether you make the cut, especially since spaces in prestigious film schools are limited and competitive.
  3. Try your hand at being on the other side of the camera. Sign up for acting classes. It may not be required for admission to school, but it will broaden your horizons.
  4. You must speak for yourself. Film schools are interested in hearing your voice. You’ve lived a full life and have something to say. You will bring your own distinct perspective to the film school that is fortunate to have you. That’s precisely what film schools want to see. What distinguishes you from other applicants? What is your story?

Conclusion on the best film Schools In Illinois

As you should have expected, getting trained in a top-notch film and cinematography school in America is not cheap, so set aside money for your tuition, lodging, food, and equipment.

To ensure that you are getting quality value for your money, choose schools that can boast of industry-standard training facilities.

Make inquiries and get the latest news and updates by visiting the official websites of these film schools.

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