USA Internships for Students in 2023 – Submit an Application Online

University or college-enrolled students are invited to apply for internship programs announced in the USA for 2023 in the banking, aviation, hoteling, food, and insurance sector.

In the United States, there is a widespread demand of participating in internships, with many organizations and fields as diverse as banking to food service offering unique internship programs, both paid and unpaid, to potential applicants.

Having an internship in the United States on your resume can give you an edge over other applicants in the highly competitive employment market. You will receive first-rate training in your topic of interest and make many strong connections.


The banking sector of the USA provides various winter internship options. You may get your foot in the door of the banking industry in the United States by interning at one of the many financial institutions in the country. If you opt for an entry-level position like that of a bank teller, you can even get started with just a high school certificate.

Most prestigious banking internships call for a bachelor’s degree, and some may even require additional certifications. The company offers internships in both its development operations and other departments (such as Human Resources, Communications, Accounting, etc.)

The World Bank and Deutsche Bank Internships

By participating in the Bank Internship Program (BIP), highly motivated individuals can learn more about the World Bank and its operations. Internships provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to gain professional experience in a dynamic setting while contributing fresh ideas, original research, and a broad range of viewpoints to the Bank’s operations.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to build up resumes by adding relevant work experience. If you are interested in an internship at the World Bank as an HR officer then submit your application here. While Deutsche bank internship applicants can apply here.


Enroll for internships offered by the aviation industry in the United States to get hands-on training, guidance from seasoned professionals, and a head start on a successful career. As an intern, you can have responsibilities like flight operation, innovation accelerator, airport training, and marketing manager.

To apply for winter internships a student must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree majoring in Aviation; maintains a competitive GPA; possesses excellent communication skills; is capable of quickly processing and analyzing complex issues, and can be trusted with sensitive information.

American Airlines, the American association of airport executives, and Delta airlines are among the top aviation organizations to offer internships.

If you are interested in an internship at American Airlines as a flight operator then submit your application here. Whereas, Delta airline internship applicants can apply here.


5-star hotels in the USA offer a gateway to your career by providing winter internships. You can earn paid hospitality internships in the United States if you are a qualified student, graduate, or young professional in the hospitality industry.

Winter internship in the USA is a great way to gain valuable work experience, enhance your professional abilities, and add to your resume. You can gain experience in areas of management, culinary, housekeeping, front desk officer, marketing management, and chief chef.

Interns must be enrolled full-time or have just graduated with a degree in hospitality, hotel management, tourism, or a closely related field from an institution of higher learning outside the United States.

Mariott Sanibel Hotel and Resort, Hilton Beach Resort & Spa, and Moraga Country Club offer internships in all management and culinary aspects.

If you are interested to gain experience in Marriott Sanibel Hotel and Resort then submit your application here. If you are interested to apply for an internship at Hilton hotels then submit your application here.


Food chains in the United States especially fast food chains offer enormous opportunities for students to get trained. An internship in the food and beverage industry requires you to plan, coordinate, arrange, and develop these services in accordance with industry standards and the needs of customers.

You can work as a supply chain manager, crew member, kitchen supervisor, marketing officer, general manager, store assistant, quality assurance manager, and research officer. The minimum qualification requirement is at least a high school certificate or diploma in the respective field.

MacDonald, KFC, Subway, Starbucks, and Pizza hut provide winter internship programs to train fresh graduates.

Starbucks offers winter internships in both technical and commercial departments to apply for an internship at subway submit your application here. Macdonald is offering an internship as a crew member. If you are interested in availing of an internship at MacDonald then submit your application here.


The United States insurance industry provides paid 10- to 12-week internships in fields such as actuarial work, claims processing, corporate communications, finance, human resources information technology (HR IT), marketing, operations, predictive analytics, and underwriting.

The minimum qualification to qualify, as an intern must be enrolled in the undergraduate program of the relevant discipline.

Zurich North America, Farmers Insurance, Liberty mutual insurance, and Encova insurance provide internships in the insurance sector.

Zurich North America offers alternative investment operations internships, if you are interested in an internship at Zurich then submit your application here. Farmer insurance also offers a variety of internship programs if you are interested then submit your application on their page.