9 Approved Online Ministry Degrees Free With Certificates (2022)

Online ministry degrees free

Online Ministry Degrees Free- When most of us think about studying ministry, pictures of a classroom and a professor standing in front of the classroom giving a lecture to students come to mind. While universities are one of the most common places to study ministry, it is far from the only option. It can also be studied online.

Online Ministry Degree Free

In this article, we’ll look at ways you can get online ministry degrees free, no matter where you are. We’ll answer questions such, “What is a Christian ministry degree?” and “How do I get online ministry degrees free ?” What can you do with a degree in ministry? And there’s a lot more.

What is the meaning of a ministry degree?

Christians spread the Word of God and assist others grow in faith through ministry. As a result, a ministry degree trains students to share the gospel accurately and effectively in whatever environment God calls them to. It instills in pupils a missional perspective and encourages them to purposefully engage in relationships for the cause of Christ.

β€œStudents who graduate with a ministry degree are equipped with the skills to go out into their communities and help others right where they are,” said Dr. Freddy Cardoza, Dean of Grace Theological Seminary and the School of Ministry Studies.

β€œThough much ministry happens in churches, ministry is not just in a church, it’s wherever God calls you, whether that be on the streets, in a classroom, or in another country.”

What can you do with a degree in ministry?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what a Christian ministry degree can lead to, but it’s an excellent place to start. While some of these vocations will require extra education or training, your ministry classes can provide you with a strong foundation for future employment. With a Christian ministry degree, you can work in the following fields:

  • Lead Pastor 
  • Youth Pastor
  • Children’s Pastor
  • Pastor of Visitation
  • Worship Arts Director
  • Teacher 
  • Camp Coordinator
  • Coach or Sports Staff
  • Devotional Writer 
  • Spiritual Care Coordinator
  • Bereavement Coordinator
  • Chaplain
  • Missionary
  • Counselor

Best 9 Online Ministry Degrees Free

Gone are the days when gaining academic information or obtaining a degree required attending a traditional brick and mortar university. We have seen graduates from a variety of academic disciplines who have never set foot in a brick and mortar university; this would not have been possible without the internet. Indeed, the internet has been one of the most important tools for global change; while it has its drawbacks, its benefits cannot be overstated.

The International Seminary for (Free) Distance Education in Theology, on the other hand, offers the top 9 best free online ministry degrees which include:

  • Bachelor of Christian Ministry
  • Doctor of Biblical Studies
  • Doctor of Christian Theology
  • Doctor of Religious Education
  • Bachelor of Religion Education
  • Doctor of the Christian Apologetics
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Doctor of Christian Divinity
  • Graduate of Biblical Archeology

Bachelor of Christian Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry program provides students with a fundamental understanding of Scripture and the best way to apply it in their ministry careers. It is an completely online and fully self-paced Christian ministry degree that allows students the option to complete their assignments according to their own time.

Doctor of Biblical Studies

The Doctor of Biblical Studies is the highest level of doctoral professional in applied theology that is designed for students looking to improve their understanding and knowledge of biblical and theological concepts for their work.

It is required that applicants be able to demonstrate at least an MBS (Master of Biblical Studies) from an theological seminary or a secular master’s level to be eligible for this course.

Doctor of Christian Theology

To be eligible for a doctoral level diploma with a doctorate degree in Christian Theology, interested applicant must hold a masters level qualification in Theology from a seminary recognized by the governing school.

The International Seminary for (Free) Distance Education in Theology is among the ministry degrees that are free online offering institutions that are specifically designed for those who are looking to become specialists on Christian Theology or who aim to integrate biblical theology into an element of their mission.

Doctor of Religious Education

The Doctor of Religious Education is designed to fulfill your professional growth requirements as an Christian educator. This program will assist you to develop your capacity to further God’s work in Christian colleges or schools and reflect Christian views on education in wider community.

Bachelor of Religion Education

The Bachelor of Religious Education is an undergraduate degree. It provides students with an extensive educational foundation in the fields of the Bible as well as Christian theology. 

Bachelor of Religious Education is the most sought-after degree by students who wish to serve as missionaries, pastors or evangelists as well as youth leaders, worship coordinators or other types of church-based ministry.

Doctor of the Christian Apologetics

A Doctor in Christian Apologetics degree teaches students to adhere to faith in the Christian faith by anchoring the biblical worldview. The degree is offered in a modular form and combines worldview analysis with the study of apologetics to ensure that students are able to participate in current philosophical debates.

Bachelor of Theology

A bachelor’s degree in theology exposes students to the basic concepts of theology, biblical studies, apologetics, as well as the general worldview. The majority of applicants for this degree have to complete a course that is in Greek or Hebrew and also theology in a systematic way, biblical ethics, theology homiletics, hermeneutics, as well as Christian ministry.

If you are looking to master the fundamental teachings of the Bible and theology, this program was designed for you. It provides students with in-depth instruction on the Bible and gives the title of bachelor of Theology to successful students.

Doctor of Christian Divinity

The Master of Divinity degree is one the ministry degrees that are online and free provided through the International Seminary for (Free) Distance Education in Theology (ISDET).

ISDET provides online masters degree with no tuition fees in Christian divinity. It provides students with an extensive understanding of the ministry areas for those who want to pursue a career in ministry.

To be considered for admission to the program, applicants need to have an undergraduate degree in theology. If you hold an unrelated bachelor’s degree, you may still be eligible for admission.

Graduate of Biblical Archeology

A Master’s Degree with a focus on Biblical Archeology is one of the online degrees for ministry that cost money that you can choose to enroll in. A Master’s degree in Biblical Archeology provides students with various theological disciplines required to further study in the study of the Bible. It is possible to enroll in the course for no cost.

Through the provided links, you can apply for any of the programs mentioned above.

DegreeMode of StudySchool’s Official Website
Bachelor of Christian Ministry100% OnlineVisit Website
Doctor of Biblical Studies100% OnlineVisit Website
Doctor of Christian Theology100% OnlineVisit Website
Doctor of Religious Education100% OnlineVisit Website
Bachelor of Religious Education100% OnlineVisit Website
Doctor of Christian Apologetics100% OnlineVisit Website
Bachelor of Theology100% OnlineVisit Website
Master of Christian Divinity100% OnlineVisit Website
Master of Biblical Archeology100% OnlineVisit Website


We covered what online ministry is, what you can accomplish with a ministry degree, and a list of the 9 online ministry degrees free in this post. You can apply for whatever degree you choose with no fees, at your own speed, and entirely online. These courses are aimed to provide students with biblical and theological understanding.

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