Top 10 Universities for Distance learning In The World (2022)

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Distance learning is an active and technological method of education. Universities for distance learning happen to provide an alternative academic learning method and distance learning courses for people who are interested in schooling but have challenges with attending a physical school. 

Moreover, distance learning is done online with less stress and in conformity, a lot of people now pay attention to getting a degree through these distance learning courses, most especially those who manage businesses, families, and others who wish to get a professional degree.

This article at Scholars Delight will elaborate on the best 10 universities for distance learning in the world.

What is Distance learning?

universities for distance learning

Distance learning also referred to as e-learning, online learning, or distance education is a form of learning/education that is being done online i.e. no physical appearance is required, and every material for the learning will be accessed online.

In other words, it’s an educational system where the tutor(s), teacher(s), lecturer(s), illustrator(s), and student(s) meet in a virtual classroom or space with the aid of technology.

Advantages of Distance Learning

Below are the advantages of distance learning:

  •  Easy access to the courses

The fact that lessons and information can be accessed at any time it is convenient for the student(s) is one of the advantages of distance learning.

  • Remote learning

Distance learning can be done remotely, this makes it easy for the students to join from anywhere and in the comfort of their homes

  • Less expensive/Time-saving

Distance learning is less costly, and time-saving and therefore allows students to mix work, family, and/or studies.

Long-distance education duration is usually shorter than attending a physical school. It gives the students the privilege to graduate quickly ‘cos it takes a shorter time.

  • Flexibility

Distance learning is flexible, students are given the privileges of choosing a convenient learning time.

Students are privileged to set learning time that suits their time of availability.

However, this has made it easier for people to manage their businesses or engagements with schooling online.

  •  Self-disciplined

Distance learning promotes an individual’s self-discipline. Setting a schedule for course learning can build self-discipline and determination.

In other to perform well and have a good grade, one has to build self-discipline and a determined mindset, so as to be able to attend lessons and take quizzes every day as scheduled. this helps to build self-discipline and determination

  •  Access to education in top universities in the world

Long-distance learning is an alternative means of being educated and acquiring a professional degree in top universities.

However, this has helped overcome the barriers to education.

  • No geographical limitations

There is no geographical limitation to long-distance learning, technology has made it easy to learn online

List of the Best Universities for Distance Learning in the World 

In today’s world, distance learning has been embraced by different universities to extend education to people outside their walls.

There are several universities/institutes in the world today that offer distance learning, below are the top 10 universities for distance learning.

Top 10 Universities for Distance Learning in the World – Updated

1. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a social research institute set up in Manchester, United Kingdom. It was founded in 2008 with over 47,000 students and staff.

38,000 students; local and international students are currently enrolled with 9,000 staff. The institution is a member of Russell Group; a community of 24 selected public research institutions.

Why should I study here?

The University of Manchester is reputedly known for its excellence in research and academics.
It offers an online distance learning degree program, with a certificate that is recognized for employment.

Distance learning courses at the University of Manchester:

● Engineering and Technology
● Social Science
● Law
● Education, hospitality, and Sport
● Business Management
● Natural and applied science
● Social science
● Humanities
● Medicine and Health
● Art and Design
● Architecture
● computer science
● Journalism.

2. University of Florida

The University of Florida is an open research university located in Gainesville, Florida in America. Established in 1853 with over 34,000 students enrolled, UF offers distance learning degree programs.

Why should I study here?

Their distance learning program offers access to over 200 online degree courses and certificates, these distance learning programs are provided for individuals who are seeking an alternative to getting access to education and professional degree programs with an on-campus experience.

Distance Learning degree at The University of Florida is highly recognized and considered the same as those who attend classes.

Distance learning courses at the University of Florida:

● Agricultural Science
● Journalism
● Communications
● Business Administration
● Medicine and Health
● Liberal Arts
● Science and so much more.

3. University College of London

University College of London is located in London, England. UCL was the first established university in London in 1826.

UCF is a top-ranked public research institution in the world and a part of the Russell Group with over 40,000 students enrolled.

Why should I study here?

UCL is a constantly top-ranked university and reputedly known for its excellence in academics and research, their renowned reputation attracts students from all over the world. Our staff and students are highly intelligent and varsity talented.

The University of London provides free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Distance learning courses at the University College of London:

● Business management
● Computing and information systems
● Social sciences
● Humanities development
● Education and so on.

4. University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is a leading research and academic-based university located in England established in 1881. UL is a part of the Russell Group.

The University of Liverpool has over 30,000 students, with students from all across 189 countries.

Why should I study here?

The University of Liverpool provides students with an affordable and convenient way to learn and achieve their life goals and career aspirations through distance learning.

This university started offering online distance learning programs in 2000, this has made them one of the best Europe distance learning institutions.

Their distance learning programs are designed particularly for online learning where teaching and quizzes can be accessed easily via a platform, this gives you all the resources and support needed to commence and finish off your studies online.

Upon successful completion of your program and graduation, they do invite you to the University of Liverpool’s beautiful campus in northwest England.

Distance learning courses at the University of Liverpool:

● Business Management
● Health care
● Data science and artificial intelligence
● Computer science
● Public health
● Psychology
● Cyber security
● Digital marketing.

5. Boston University

Boston University is a private research university located in Boston, the United States with two campuses, it was first founded in 1839 in Newbury by the Methodists.

In 1867 it was moved to Boston, the university has over 10,000 faculties and staff, and 35,000 students from 130,000 different countries.

The university has been offering distance learning programs that enable students to pursue their educational and career goals and earn an award-winning degree from Boston University. They extended their impact beyond campus, you connect to world-class faculty, highly motivated students, and supportive staff.

Why should I study here?

Boston University’s availability of outstanding Student and Faculty Support is exceptional. Their academic programs provide special skills in industries, they as well offer a productive and deep commitment approach to distance learning students.

Boston is a distance learning university that offers degree courses in bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, law, and doctorate degrees

Boston distance learning courses include:

● Medicine and Health
● Engineering and Technology
● Law
● Education, hospitality, and Sport
● Business Management
● Natural and applied science
● Social science
● Journalism
● Humanities
● Art and Design
● Architecture
● computer science.

6. Columbia University

Columbia University is a private research university founded in 1754 in New York City. They have over 6000 students enrolled.

This is a distance learning university that aims at providing professional development and higher education opportunities to people.

However, it offers students the ability to enroll in a variety of distance learning programs such as leadership, technical, environmental sustainability, social works, health technologies, and professional development programs.

Why should you study here?

This distance learning university has extended its learning system by offering you degree and non-degree courses including internships both on and off-campus with teaching or research assistants.

Their distance learning programs create a forum for networking with executives and leaders of a vast community with diverse talents from different parts of the world. This gives you strategic and global leadership essentials for your growth.

However, their distance learning Centers also help in preparing graduating students to venture into the labor/job market by conducting recruiting events that will pair you with prospective employers. They also provide helpful resources for searching for a job that will land your career dreams.

Distance Learning courses offered at the Columbia University:

● Applied Mathematics
● Computer science
● Engineering
● Data science
● Operations Research
● Artificial intelligence
● Bioethics
● Applied analytics
● Technology management
● Insurance and wealth management
● Business studies
● Narrative medicine.

7. University of Pretoria

The University Of Pretoria Distance Learning is a detailed tertiary institution and one of the exclusive research institutes in South Africa.

Moreover, they have been offering distance learning since 2002.

Why should I study here?

This is one of the best 10 universities for distance Learning with degrees and certificates internationally recognized.

The University of Pretoria allows Prospective students to register at any time of the year because the online courses run for six months.

Distance learning Courses in Pretoria

● Engineering and Engineering technology
● Law
● Culinary science
● Ecology
● Agriculture and forestry
● Management Education
● Accounting
● Economics.

8. University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

USQ is also a top distance learning university located in Toowoomba, Australia, Renowned for its supportive environment and commitment.

You can make your study a reality by applying to study with them with over 100 online degrees to choose from.

Why should I study here?

They target at demonstrating leadership and innovation in student experience quality and to be graduates source; graduates who extremely excel in the workplace and are developing in leadership.

At the University of Southern Queensland, you receive the same quality and level of support as an on-campus student. Distance Learning students have the privilege of scheduling their preferred study time.

Distance learning courses in USQ:

● Applied data science
● Climate science
● Agricultural science
● Business
● Commerce
● Creative Arts Education
● Engineering and science
● Health and Community
● Humanities
● Communication and Information Technology
● Law and Justices
● English Language programs and so on.

9. Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University is an Australia based public university founded in 1989 with over 43,000 students enrolled

Why should I study here?

Charles Sturt University gives room to choose from over 200 online courses from short courses to full degree courses.

Lectures and teachings are made available to be accessed at a preferred time.

However, this distance learning university provides free access to the software download, courses, and a digital library to its distance students.

Distance learning course at Charles Sturt University:

● Medicine and Health
● Business management
● Education
● Applied science
● Computer science
● Engineering and so on.

10. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is a college located in Atlanta, USA. It was established in 1885. Georgia is highly ranked for its excellence in research.

Why should I study here?

This is a distance learning university, it is among the top-ranked learning institution that offers an online program that has the same course and degree requirements as those students attending classes at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Distance learning courses at the Georgia Institute of Technology:

● Engineering and Technology
● Business Management
● Computer Science
● Medicine and Health
● Education
● Environmental and Earth Sciences
● Natural Sciences
● Mathematics.

FAQs About Universities for Distance Learning 

Are long-distance learning degrees considered valid by employees?

Yes, long-distance educational degrees are considered valid for employment. However, you should apply to schools that are accredited and well recognized by the general public.

What are the disadvantages of distance learning

• difficult in staying motivated • Interacting with peers can be difficult • Getting feedback immediately can be hard • There is a high chance of distraction • There’s no physical interaction and hence doesn’t give direct interaction with the instructor

How can I manage my time by studying online?

It’s very good you plan your courses very well. Always check your courses daily, spend time and do assignments, this will keep you on track

What are the technical and soft skill requirements for joining distance learning?

Technically, they are a certain minimum requirement for your software and hardware components of the device you will use for compatibility and other access. Always check your course syllabus to check if there is any requirement Softly, the requirements are not other than learning how to handle your device, set up your learning environment, how to type, and how to access your syllabus.

What device does someone need for distance learning?

You need a smartphone, notebook and/or computer depending on the requirement of your course of study.

Is distance learning an effective way of learning?

Research has shown that distance learning is an effective option to traditional ways of learning if you invest your time to learn the course you’re into

Is distance learning cheap in Europe?

Of course, there are cheap distance learning universities in Europe you can enroll in.

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