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Princeton University is inviting International scholars from all over the world, to participate in the Fung Global Fellows Program for International Scholars.

The topic of the Program  is “Thinking Globally” and is centred on how people’s thoughts about the planet has informed the institutions, norms, and policies that have pulled it together and torn it apart.

For centuries, ideas of free trade, human rights or global governance have framed cooperation and competition, order and disorder.  Such ideas have also spawned border-crossing movements, from campaigns to end slavery to commitments to reduce carbon emissions.  In turn, global thinking and action have often reinforced commitments to national ideas and efforts to curb global exchange.

The goal of this research theme is to explore how ideas framed the understanding of interests and the making of institutions that have yielded commonness and conflict across and within borders.  Fung Global also want to understand how these ideas and practices came into being through scientific networks, foundations, and think tanks. 

Table of Content

About Fung Global Fellows Program

The Fung Global Fellows Program will also examine rival world ideas that have challenged prevailing orthodoxies. Nowadays, with cooperative norms under challenge, global institutions under stress, and a century of guiding ideas about global convergence in doubt, we want to take a broad look at where these ideas came from, their effects, and the prospects for intellectual renewal or rethinking.
The goal of the 2020-21 Fung Global Fellows cohort will be to explore the ways people learned to rely on or to reject strangers far away, as well as to imagine how global relationships came to be and … read more

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Fung Global Fellows Program Early-career scholars

Requirements for Fung Global Fellows Program Early-career scholars Qualification

  1. Eligible are scholars who received their Ph.D. or equivalent within 10 years of the proposed start date of the fellowship: for the 2020-21 program that is no earlier than September 1, 2010.  No exceptions will be made.  The receipt of the Ph.D. is determined by the date on which all requirements for the degree at the applicant’s home institution, including the defense and filing of the dissertation, were fulfilled.
  2. Early-career applicants must hold a faculty appointment, a professional research appointment, or be established independent scholars outside the United States at the time of application, to which they are expected to return at the conclusion of the fellowship.
  3. Fellowships will be awarded to candidates who have already demonstrated outstanding scholarly achievement and exhibit unusual intellectual promise but are still at the beginning of their careers. Criteria for the fellowship include the strength of the candidate’s research projects, the relationship of those projects to the program’s theme, the candidate’s previous scholarly work, the candidate’s ability to contribute to the intellectual life and intellectual exchange of the program, and the candidate’s work experience outside the United States. The selection committee is looking to establish a cohort of fellows whose work represents diverse analytical approaches and disciplinary backgrounds and addresses a wide variety of regions.
  4. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.
  5. Fung Global Fellows must be in residence in Princeton or within a 15-mile radius during the full academic year of their fellowship (September 1 – June 30), and should plan any non-research related travel during the holidays and University breaks.  This is to ensure that they will have ample time to interact with one another and contribute actively to the intellectual life of the program.  Fellows are also expected to participate in a course related to the theme of study, attend seminars, workshops and other events organized by the program, as well as present their ongoing projects in seminars.  Fellows will have access to Firestone Library and will be able to engage in a wide range of events and activities across campus.

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Documents Required for Application

  1. Cover letter (1.5 pages maximum)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (including publications)
  3. Research proposal (maximum of 3 pages, single spaced)
  4. One writing sample (article or book chapter, maximum of 50 pages)
  5. For those applicants with a faculty appointment or a professional research appointment, an official letter from the applicant’s current employer affirming that, should an offer be made, the applicant would be permitted to accept it and to spend the academic year at Princeton University
  6. The names and email addresses for three referees, who will be contacted automatically by the online application system with an invitation to upload their letter of recommendation to the system by the application deadline. (**Please note: all letters of reference should be submitted by your referees before the November 15, 2019 deadline**)

Application Deadline

November 15, 2019

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Fung Global Fellows Program on puwebp.princeton.edu to apply

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